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What Can You Do To Protect Yourself From Improper Transfer Of Residential Real Property Mortgage Loans—Originated And Registered On The Financial Institutions' Member-Based—Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS)® System

If you’re thinking of buying a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage loan—know when a transfer of ownership and security interest to your home and the underlying mortgage loan occurs by a financial institution(s) registered on the member-based MERS® System.
Know Before You Close
We Provide Better Access To Information and Transparency For Consumers—Without Relying On Lenders, Closing Agents (real estate developers, attorneys, escrow agents, and title insurance companies) Before You Close
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Know Before You Close
Know Before You Close On An Existing Mortgage Loan Or A Brand New Mortgage Home Loan
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We Offer The Following Vital Social Services Nationwide:

The United States Federal Trade Commission estimates nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Identity thieves may drain accounts, damage credit by misapplying a consumer borrower’s mortgage payments, real estate taxes, property owners’ associations and condominium unit associations assessments, and even put medical treatment at risk.

Title Land Edification has created innovative business information services designed to provide risk solutions for past, present, and future property owners.

We provide a cost-effective, reliable, and convenient method for detecting data US residential-mortgages data breaches by verifying the accuracy and completeness of land-related documents recorded by means of local and county government parcel identifiers, including but not limited to public land records, chains of title, and real estate tax bills. Our services ensure that clients are well-protected before they commit to real estate mortgage loan transactions conducted manually or via digital technologies, thus preserving family property rights and histories for generations to come. We offer:

Pre-origination and pre-closing protection for both paper and electronically filed real estate records at risk for compromise and fraud

Protection from recording fraud for both paper and electronically filed mortgages, including mortgage ownership, security interests, servicing rights, and release

Pre-origination and pre-closing authentication of parcel identifiers used by local governments in real estate registration, including tax collection, real estate assessment, and public land title recordation management database systems

Assistance and support in restoring the sanctity and integrity of local government real estate registration and protection of clients’ property rights by detecting breaks in the chain of title

Collection and tracking of electronic mortgage loans originated and registered in the confidential Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS)® System (National Mortgage Rights Registry) as well as the approximately 3,524 registration and recording jurisdictions of each county-level registrar of deeds, county clerks, or clerk of the court offices nationwide

You, or the Heirs To Your Estate May Be at Risk:

Let us help you.

Register to receive our TLE e-NoteFraudAlert service on changes in parcel identifiers occurring before origination of a real estate transaction.

Real Estate Mortgage Loan Origination Fraud, Title Insurance Fraud, and Judicial and Nonjudicial Foreclosure Sales Irregularities are Prevalent in Local Government Recording and Taxing Jurisdictions Nationwide

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Before you close on a new mortgage loan or mortgage refinance—avoid buying a home with costly hidden chain of ownership (title) problems by getting a TLE Title Land Edification History Report

We perform a binary verification against local government authoritative parcel identifiers data sets in comparison of real estate tax collection, assessment, and public land title recordation management database systems maintained by the local government tax authority WITHOUT requiring your personally identifiable information (PII), and other private and sensitive information like a Social Security number

Why The First 72 Hours Of Discovering An Internal State Local Government's Data Breach Are Vital To Protect Consumer Taxpayers.

Similar to CARFAX’s Vehicle History Report, Title Land Edification Real Property History Report contains information that can impact a consumer’s decision to buy or refinance a home (mortgage loan). 

Figure 1 provided below is for illustrative purposes only—a snapshot of an unauthorized alteration (switched) to most states local government: counties and municipalities—registered parcel identifiers that occurred before the purchase-money mortgage loan origination and sale date (July 18, 2008), before the transfer of ownership of real property, and before publicly recorded among the land registry. Thus, a break or irregularities in the chain of title.

When compared with the “Before” picture, this “After” picture can be quite revealing—leaving prospective homebuyers and current property-owners at risk for tax-related identify theft and real estate, title to land, accounting, or tax fraud.

Title Land Edification discovers a break (or irregularity) in the chain of title (conveyance of ownership) in one state local government agency—Land Management Information System, Taxing Authority, Assessor, Public Land Records, and the MERS® System registries:

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Monday, 23 June 2008

Invalid Tax Parcel & Map Numbers

The illustration above in Figure 1 contains an actual example involving the data breach of a consumer borrower’s sensitive financial personally identifiable information (PII) and the internal data breach within a local county government (original tax map reference number and the original assessor parcel identification number)—which occurred "before" the origination and sale date of a purported residential mortgage loan.

“Had I been more knowledgeable about the real estate closing process when the seller’s preferred lender originated and registered a mortgage loan on the private, Members Only (Lenders) electronic National Mortgage Rights Registry (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS)® System), owned by Intercontinental Exchange, Inc., I would have understood the much larger role of MERS and the promissory note (underlying debt) registered on the MERS® System, seller’s closing agent (attorney), local county government taxing authorities, local county government judicial system, and local government clerk of the circuit court recording officials, under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In short, the local real estate developer, the builder (seller) and his intermediaries, e.g., MERS, the lender (MERS Member), the title company, and the closing agent deceived me into signing numerous bogus mortgage and tax-related documents when I attended the bogus closing on July 30, 2008, and my legal name, Taxpayer Identification Number, Social Security number, personally identifiable information (PII), and other private and sensitive information was compromised and continues to be compromised—I would have also been aware of the common practices and governance of taxpayers’ escrow and real estate accounts, or the lack thereof. Regarding land management and real estate recording fraud prevention, they failed to protect my property rights, legal name, and taxpayer’s identification number.”

T. Burnett
Master Chief Petty Officer, USN (Ret.)
Indianapolis, IN
Founder, Title Land Edification LLC

We provide advanced consumer warning information services in transferring residential mortgage loan ownership and real estate origination and closing risk solutions.

It is essential to Know Before You Close: We’ve compiled a list of the latest identity theft statistics and an increasing number of consumer borrowers’ legal identity and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and other private and sensitive data inextricably intertwined to local governments’ real property tax collection and tax assessment databases—being forged using compromised data during the mortgage origination process of a loan application to certain phases of the application and closing process.

Learn how Title Land Edification Investigative risk solutions can protect consumer homebuyers PII and prevent a data breach “Before” the mortgage loan origination phase.

This investigative risk solutions service offers information and tools to help consumers identity, authenticate, and monitor the integrity of paper and electronic mortgages, public land records, and other important landownership real estate documents that has become compromised when incorrectly accepted and filed in local and county recording and taxing jurisdictions of the United States leaving property-owners at risk for tax-related identity theft, real estate fraud, and accounting or tax fraud.

Simply put, the result of ignoring red flags will leave the unaware consumer borrower with keys and possession of real property after closing that he or she may not be the legitimate homeowner of the said property on the date of closing. But instead, the unaware consumer borrower is a victim of a local government internal data breach, a double pledged mortgage loan origination and aggravated identity theft, which involves multiple unknown third-party intermediaries.

We provide advanced consumer warning services and residential mortgage loan origination and real estate closing risk solutions by addressing the root cause of the wide financial damage to the Nation’s citizenry (homeowners) who loss of a cumulative $16 trillion in wealth during the 2008 housing crisis and ongoing systematic foreclosures and evictions, resulting in tens of millions of American families in forced displacement and poverty.


Since 2007

Title Land Edification discovers mass breaks (or irregularities) in selling and transferring mortgage ownership in connection with US residential-mortgages in one state and local government agency's Land Management Information System, Taxing Authority, Assessor, Public Land Records, and on the financial institutions' member-based MERS® System registries:

New Home Residential (New) Construction "Occupancy" Permits
Publicly Recorded Fraudulent Title (Deed) To Land Inextricably Intertwined To Invalid Parcel Identifiers
Publicly Recorded Fraudulent Deeds/Liens Inextricably Intertwined To Fraudulent Sale And Conveyance By A Loan Secured By A First Deed Of Trust Or Mortgage On The Principal Dwelling
Publicly Paper-Based Recording Directly Linked To Fraudulent—Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, Easements, Court Orders, And Encumbrances Associated With A Property Are Recorded In A “Chain-Of-Title”
Unrecorded First-Lien Mortgage (Deed of Trust) Inextricably Linked To Authoritative eNote and Transferable Record

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Our tools facilitate the detection and validity of recorded and unrecorded mortgage chain of title originated and registered in the financial institutions’ member-based MERS® System during the residential mortgages end-to-end mortgage loan origination and closing process.

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