About Us

Service-disabled veteran-owned small business and operated company specializing in fraud detection and prevention data-management solutions to track and identify missing United States residential-mortgage ownership rights, purported servicing rights, and bare legal title of real property established electronically—affecting approximately 3,524 local government real estate recordings, judicial, and taxing jurisdictions nationwide.

Meet The Founder, Owner, and Principal Researcher

Vision Statement

Title Land Edification is committed to restoring the sanctity and integrity of public land records, resolving conflicts affecting approximately 3,524 local government real estate recording, judicial, and tax jurisdictions nationwide. By providing solutions for US residential end-to-end mortgage loan originations and settlement processes, including detecting fraudulent transfer of mortgage loans and promissory notes purported servicing rights, Title Land Edification will become a highly regarded, nationally recognized firm. Its work involves identifying two signal events:

• when a breach or a compromise occurs within a local government agency, affecting (the fraudulent recordation of) a bogus grantor’s (seller’s) warranty deeds, a bogus first-lien mortgage loan where real property (home) ownership interests are inextricably intertwined with transferable electronic records. This includes but is not limited to escrow impound, settlement, real property tax collection and assessment (parcel identifiers), public land record deeds, and title record management database systems.

• when a federally-insured mortgage-loan note holder fails to notify a potential and existing homeowners whenever the purported servicing of their first-lien mortgage loan is being assigned, sold, or transferred, as required by federal law, within the financial institutions’ member-based Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. (MERS® System).

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Title Land Edification is to provide financial solutions during US residential end-to-end mortgage loan originations and settlement processes. We offer the most comprehensive and transparent proprietary data technologies, including printed reports detailing real property’s change of ownership history. This report discloses every occasion a federally-insured US residential first-lien mortgage loan is assigned, sold, or transferred for business and consumer purposes, as required by federal law within the financial institutions’ member-based MERS® System.

There Is No Fee to Register Real Property You’re Buying.


Start here: Our report reduces your risk from becoming a victim of aggravated tax-related fraud, financial fraud, title fraud, escrow fraud, settlement fraud and identity theft

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