About Us: Our beginning

The concept of providing an online awareness, education, and resource solutions for the review and authentication of paper and electronic promissory notes and other important records associated with or originating from real property mortgage loans and tax billing statements was conceived by the founder of Title Land Edification, Tyrone Burnett, in 2010 when he discovered he was the victim of consumer borrower’s aggravated identity theft and fraud. This fraud was perpetrated in connection with a real estate transaction orchestrated by the seller (a new-construction developer) in collaboration with the local county government, property owners’ association, and condominium unit association involved in the sale.

On Saturday, June 21, 2008, Tyrone and the seller agreed to the contract purchase of a new construction townhome condominium unit. Following the sale, Tyrone obtained, via the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, data on the unauthorized alteration of registered parcel identifiers contained in county tax authority records filed from the date of the contract (June 21, 2008) to the date of sale and land conveyance (June 23, 2008). This data included the origination of a pledged residential purchase-money loan and second mortgage loan for the new construction real estate sale transaction recorded on July 18, 2008.

Tyrone further identified that each one of the 102 pledged, registered, and planned new-construction townhome condominium units were associated with local government registered parcel identifiers that had also been materially altered before the origination of the mortgage loans. This data breach led to Tyrone’s identity being stolen, along with numerous attempts to resolve the theft at the local, county, state, and federal levels.

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On or before Monday, June 23, 2008, the Loudoun County Government initiated a tax avoidance and fraudulent real estate tax billing scheme by performing an unauthorized alteration of the county tax authority’s registered parent and child parcel identifiers affecting the chain of title or tax history for real property identified as Lot A (see Figure 1).

It is vital to recognize that the switch to Lot A occurred between the contract date of Saturday, June 21, 2008, and Monday, June 23, 2008, a period of two days. County government officials issued and approved the new construction occupancy permit on Monday, June 23, 2008, before the sale and conveyance of land, including the origination of a pledged residential purchase-money loan and second mortgage loan for the new construction real estate sale transaction dated July 18, 2008. The switch to Lot A registered parcel identifiers occurred before the falsified closing date of July 30, 2008. This illegal transaction was insured prior to the fact by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and endorsed by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The encumbrance of the first lien deed of trust (mortgage) and special warranty deed (title) was made in the alias of the grantee of Lot A. These documents were thus fraudulently recorded in the local government’s public land registration systems on July 31, 2008, which, by extension, led to the inclusion of fraudulent information in real estate tax collection, assessment, and public land title recordation management database systems maintained by the local tax authority. 


Data-Driven Solutions

Title Land Edification has determined that the circumstances that befell Tyrone were not an isolated incident. Further, it has revealed that, unbeknownst to the taxpayer, mortgage loans originated and registered in the members-only and confidential Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (National Mortgage Rights Registry) have facilitated the trading of trillions of dollars in electronic promissory notes by way of the MERS® System database.

For example, Table 1 contains foreclosure data for 8,718 real properties situated in the County of Loudoun, Virginia from 2007 to 2012. Each of these properties was initially considered improper or invalid by the county government. These findings illustrate a plausible motive for altering parcel identifiers or originating mortgage loans for commercial or residential real estate without notifying the prospective buyer.

Figure 1 represents sample datasets of change to registered parcel identifiers that occurred before the mortgage loan origination, before the closing, and before the recordation by local county government of the mortgage title land records documents that are at risk to real estate fraud, false claims, accounting fraud, and tax crimes for real property.


Why Real Property Fraud Alert

Tyrone was initially under the impression that the scenario he faced was a single and isolated event. However, after performing a comprehensive investigation of local government official records (e.g., new construction permits, surveyor certificates), he was shocked to discover that the registered parcel identifiers for each one of the lots for all 102 planned townhome condominium units located in Lansdowne, Virginia were, without legal justification, unlawfully altered before the origination and closing of mortgage loans.

Title Land Edification was thus initially formed to track and catalog both registered and unregistered parcel identifiers for each one of the 102 planned townhome condominium units allegedly sold by the developer/builder (see mapping tool and data service). We additionally traced and cataloged the number of (un)recorded electronic promissory notes or mortgages associated with the transfer of real property registered in the electronic National Mortgage Rights Registry.

During this period, local government public records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that days before the mortgage loan origination of a pledged residential purchase-money loan and second mortgage loan real estate sale transaction took place on July 18, 2008 as a result of local government officials, without legal justification, materially altering the registered parcel identifiers. These erroneous documents contradicted the “official copy” (government record) of the new construction occupancy permit, which county government officials issued and approved on Monday, June 23, 2008, as well as the mortgage loan origination and sale on July 18, 2008 (see Figure 1). The official government record also identified the seller (the developer/builder), as the owner of a new construction townhome condominium unit.

It is essential to note that these potentially unethical and unlawful actions were carried out by local county government in collaboration with the local county developer while Tyrone was serving on active duty with the US Navy, under Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) orders; he was thus effectively sequestered as a board member of the FY-09 Active Duty Chief Petty Officer (E-7) Selection Board located in Millington, Tennessee from June 23, 2008 to approximately July 26, 2008.

In summary, the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, a government agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in collaboration with the developer/builder (condominium declarant) and Loudoun County Government, did falsely certify and register 102 new construction townhome condominium units with the Commonwealth of Virginia Real Estate Board, as strictly mandated by the Virginia Code and Filing Public Offering Statement, that expressly included local government’s registered parcel identifiers as part of the condominium. This was done:

  • After filing a condominium declaration, which included registered parcel identifiers in its plats, metes and bounds, and overall property description, in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, Virginia;

  • After marketing and representing the invalid registered parcel identifiers as an accurate and authentic part of the sale of 102 planned new construction townhome condominium units to individual purchasers unaware of potential errors or fraud;

  • After selling approximately 102 of the condominium units involving unregistered parcel identifiers to individual purchasers; and

  • Before origination of a pledged residential purchase-money loan and a second unqualified mortgage loan for use in two real estate sale transactions located in the unincorporated community of Lansdowne, County Loudoun, Virginia occurring on July 18, 2008.

The Loudoun County Government, in collaboration with the condominium declarant and associated agents (e.g., real estate attorneys, property owners’ association, condominium unit association), thus willfully and unlawfully filed and continues to file fraudulent civil actions and assessment liens against prospective unit owners by citing unregistered parcel identifiers.

Tyrone’s protected personal information (PPI) and personally identifiable information (PII) have been compromised and stolen at least twice in connection with the illegal pre-origination of a pledged residential purchase-money loan and second unqualified mortgage loan associated with two real estate sale transactions occurring on July 18, 2008. These illegal transactions were authorized and insured by the FHA and regulated by HUD in connection with the pledge of real property located in Loudoun County, Virginia. His personal information was compromised because the local government’s registered parcel identifiers associated with the new townhome condominium unit purchased were intentionally and wrongfully changed prior to the closing of an unqualified mortgage loan. These issues have significantly affected and continue to affect Tyrone’s federal and state tax returns for the years 2008 onward.

After many unsuccessful attempts to address and remedy this apparently local matter at the highest and lowest levels government, Tyrone determined to bring his experiences to the public’s awareness and, in doing so, protect others from similar harm by founding Title Land Edification.

The impetus behind Title Land Edification is to provide current and prospective owners of real property located in any of the recording jurisdictions housed in county-level registrar of deeds, county clerk, or clerk of the court offices in the US with accurate and verifiable information pertaining to the rightful owner(s) of land and other real estate.

Tyrone considers himself very fortunate that his extensive military experience as a senior noncommissioned officer with the US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps has equipped him with the fortitude and wherewithal to successfully restore his legal identity, his Social Security number, and his retirement in 2011, which has since afforded him the time and resources to address these issues effectively.

As a disabled veteran and former enlisted member of the US Armed Forces, Tyrone is keenly aware of the impact that financial fitness has on those serving on behalf of this great nation. He is also keenly aware of the issues and concerns that active service members, veterans, and their families face each day. When deployed in harm’s way, on assignment, or in training, the last thing our brave men and women should have to worry about when considering the purchase of a new home is coping with unethical or predatory lending practices enabled by their government, government-sponsored entities, or US industries.

As a company, Title Land Edification views these practices as a significant and immediate threat to our nation’s national security, defense, and wellbeing. Further, they are potentially associated with the grim reality that 22 veterans are lost to suicide every day.

We are therefore making a commitment to our subscribers by offering FREE eTitle Fraud Alert services for active members and veterans of the US Armed Forces, along with residents of the County of Loudoun, Virginia living in any of the following magisterial districts or towns:

  • Algonkian District

  • Ashburn District

  • Blue Ridge District

  • Broad Run District

  • Catoctin District

  • Dulles District

  • Leesburg District

  • Sterling District

  • Town of Hamilton

  • Town of Herndon

  • Town of Hillsboro

  • Town of Leesburg

  • Town of Lovettsville

  • Town of Middleburg

  • Town of Purcellville

  • Town of Round Hill

Based on personal financial experiences, conversations, and observations at both the local and national level, the founder of Title Land Edification determined that Loudoun County’s governance and stewardship of electronic land management, real estate tax collection, and parcel assessment record databases had led to data breaches and compromise spanning back a decade or longer.

Failure to notify past, present, and future property owners of changes to a registered parcel identifier has serious legal and security ramifications. It is Title Land Edification’s goal to address these concerns by tracking and recording information regarding local government operations, homeownership, foreclosures, and evictions for use by policymakers, community organizers, journalists, educators, non-profit organizations, and citizens interested in learning more.

We believe a high level of financial fitness is essential to the wellbeing of the national and global economies. We also believe the citizenry expects predictability and dependability, rather than uncertainty, from its policymakers and government agents. Not knowing whether you own your home after a mortgage loan origination or closing can lead to stress and poor decisions. Financial instability can lead to loss of home by way of foreclosure and evictions, bankruptcy, homelessness, or, for some military members, loss of security clearance.

Fortunately, help is available from Title Land Edification. We can offer you solutions to help you enjoy the confidence and freedom of financial fitness.


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