Register your real property today to discover if the registered parcel identifiers have been materially altered before the origination and closing of your mortgage loan.

Our first priority is not to rely on titles taken from local government’s public land records to determine the true owner of an item of real property. While we do search the records maintained by county government officials and offices (e.g., county recorders, county assessors, government tax agencies) to locate any documents that might affect the mortgage loan origination and land title of a given property, public paper and electronic records maintained by county governments do not always provide an accurate or reliable record.


Real Estate Recording Historical Report Includes:

  • Electronic National Mortgage Rights Registry Member's Taxpayer's IRS Employer Tax ID Number
  • Local Government Public Land Record Verification
  • Non-Purchase Money (Second Mortgage)
  • Parcel Identifiers Verification Tax Map and Assessor Numbers
  • Purchase Money Deed of Trust
  • Transfer and Sale History

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Depending on the number of registered electronic promissory notes and documents to review, a land title search will take anywhere from one hour to four weeks to complete. While we recognize that most elected county recorders feel a remarkable sense of duty and pride in preserving the sanctity and integrity of public land records that define American property rights, our initial process entails thoroughly examining county governments’ official documentation, including new construction building permits/logs, surveyor certificates, easements, plat books, maps, contracts, and agreements, to ascertain specific datasets and factors, including a property’s legal description, ownership, or restrictions.

Upon completion of our search, printable/downloadable PDF reports are delivered to the email address provided. All orders are anonymous and confidential.

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Real Estate Recording

Historical Report
$ 1,472 Value
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