Eviction rate by Population and US Territory.
Source: Eviction Lab Princeton University


National Public Radio’s Fresh Air produces news, commentaries, and cultural programming working in partnership with member stations to create a more informed public. Fresh Air’s show reported aim is composed primarily of interviews with prominent world figures in various fields—including but not limited to, entertainment and the arts, culture, journalism, and global current affairs. NPR posted a newsworthy article released on April 12, 2018, titled, First-Ever Evictions Database Shows: ‘We’re In the Middle Of A Housing Crisis.’

Host, Terry Gross, interviews Matthew Desmond, a Professor in the Department  Sociology at Princeton University, and Pulitzer Prize winner in 2017 for his book, Evicted: Poverty And Profit In The American City (2016). Professor Desmond also was awarded a MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship, the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel Award, and the William Julius Wilson Early Career Award.

This interview was influential in developing this request because Professor Desmond is working on a project The Eviction Lab (https://evictionlab.org/), along with a team of researchers and students at Princeton University with a reported aim amassing the nation’s first-ever database of eviction, citing that tens of thousands of Americans are evicted every single day—being stripped of spirit, hope, and faith. As of April 12, 2018, the Lab had collected an astonishing 83 million records from 48 states, including the District of Columbia.

This interview was also influential in forming Title Land Edification because Desmond and his team of researchers and students research materials are just the tip of the iceberg—for there is a much larger problem that remains hidden from the American public regarding real property ownership in the approximately 3,524 registration and recording jurisdictions of each county-level registrar of deeds, county clerk, or clerk of the court office nationwide.

Source: This research uses data from The Eviction Lab at Princeton University, a project directed by Matthew Desmond and designed by Ashley Gromis, Lavar Edmonds, James Hendrickson, Katie Krywokulski, Lillian Leung, and Adam Porton. The Eviction Lab is funded by the JPB, Gates, and Ford Foundations as well as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. More information is found at evictionlab.org.

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