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Title Land Edification will trace the origins of local governments permanent parcel identifiers, or cadastre—inextricably intertwined to publicly recorded land records, including mortgage loans and promissory notes (recorded and unrecorded) originated and registered in the confidential National Mortgage Rights Registry.

Our tools are used to facilitate the detection of and protection against mortgage loan origination fraud and title insurance fraud. See below our interactive map datasets tracking the origins for VALID registered parcel identifiers affecting the 102 new construction townhome condominium units located in only one subdivision in the unincorporated community of Lansdowne, in County of Loudoun, Virginia, thus contradicting the parcel identifiers publicly recorded on land and title deeds inextricably intertwined to local governments’ real property tax collection and tax assessment databases.

When compared with parcel identifiers cited on purported deeds and instruments publicly recorded among the public land records—leaving potential and existing homeowners (consumer borrowers) and current property-owners at risk for tax-related identity theft and real estate, title to land, accounting, or tax fraud.

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Since 2007, our exclusive and innovative mortgage origination, chain of ownership, and title proprietary technologies found wholesale chain of ownership problems and irregularities with US-based residential mortgage loans and documents of legal title affecting the assignment, sale, or transfer of servicing rights of the mortgage loan and the underlying debt (promissory note) registered in the financial institutions’ member-based MERS® Systemwhile protecting citizens of the US, the homeland, US territories, and protectorates in approximately 3,524 local government real estate recording, judicial, and real estate tax and assessment jurisdictions nationwide.

We provide business and consumer information in the field of tracking assignment, sale, or transfer of servicing rights (ownership) of US residential-mortgages history (chain of title) information anywhere in the US—registered in the MERS® System.

Our mortgage loan services closing verification tool supports military organizations, operations, actions, expert research, and document verification providers in the US residential mortgage industry for ten years. We provide service that tracks the changes in assignment, sale, or transfer of servicing rights registered in the financial institutions’ member-based MERS® System.

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