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The TLE e-NoteFraudAlert system is made available as a public service. Any information received through TLE e-NoteFraud Alert is to be used for reference purposes only. Title Land Edification is not responsible for any inaccuracies contained therein. All information received should be verified through the real estate records themselves. No responsibility is assumed by Title Land Edification for damages or other liabilities due to the accuracy, availability, use or misuse of the information provided—TLE e-NoteFraudAlert information is public data as it relates to internal and public data-sets and documents that have been created and filed in the local government Recorder’s Office nationwide.

The National Mortgage Rights Registry or MERS System was created by the real estate finance industry to streamline the mortgage loan process by utilizing electronic commerce to eliminate both paper (promissory note) and redundant process. Whereas, mortgage loans registered in the MERS® System is for commerce, whereas Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. for title to the land. 

The TLE e-NoteFraudAlert system is triggered by documents that contain the name of the requesting individual or the individual the request is made on behalf of. Therefore, you may receive notifications that do not relate to you or your property if another individual has the same name as you do. Furthermore, there may be documents recorded against your property that you do not receive notice of. Signing up for TLE e-NoteFraudAlert is merely a tool to help you keep informed when a change to local government registered parcel identifier(s) occurs pre-origination and pre-closing of real estate mortgage loans. It is not exhaustive and should not be relied upon as a sole means of identity theft, mortgage loan origination fraud, and real estate title insurance fraud protection.

The information contained in TLE e-NoteFraudAlert should be used for reference purposes only and is NOT to be construed or used as a legal document, legal advice, title opinion or verification as to the status of any parcel identifiers or parcels of property. In no event will Title Land Edification be liable for any damages that might arise from the use or misuse of the TLE e-NoteFraudAlert system or the information it contains.

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